Assorted chocolates

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Other chocolate morsel's can be added to your  box of candy your building or you can buy a few and pack them in a cello bag for freshness, this way you save on shipping costs and the expense of an elaborate box. but however you want it we can we can provide the right packaging or gift for your needs. 

Mixing Assorted chocolates in with a Truffle box adds more tasty options.

  • Chocolate covered cherries with stems
  • Cherry cordials
  • chocolate hazelnut
  • Jelly rings
  • Chocolate marshmallow 
  • Nonpareil's
  • Chocolate marzipan
  • Chocolate caramel sea salt squares
  • Milk and dark chocolate coconut haystacks
  • Dark chocolate orange peel
  • Butter crunch
  • Chocolate peanut turtles
  • Milk and dark sponge
  • Raspberry cream
  • English toffee
All of these items can be added into a Chocolate box mixed with truffles or designed a box of just assorted chocolates.


As we develop our e-commerce page sweetstreetexpress will have a huge variety to shop online with just a click, but for now, Sweetstreetexpress will show some samples of what we can offer, Please call our support experts at 516-315-6508 or send us an email at SWEETSTREETEXPRESS@GMAIL.COM we will be happy to serve you.