Assorted Chocolates

    • Other chocolate morsel's can be added to your  box of candy your building or you can buy a few and pack them in a cello bag for freshness, this way you save on shipping costs and the expense of an elaborate box. but however you want it we can we can provide the right packaging or gift for your needs. 
    •  Mixing Assorted chocolates in with a Truffle box adds more tasty options 
    • Truffles are on the higher end of the chocolate lovers delights, weighing in heavier then our assorted chocolates, Our goal is to satisfy your taste. we can offer you some suggestions such as mixing TRUFFLES with our Assorted chocolates or Having a full box of ASSORTED CHOCOLATES  will surly satisfy, A full box of TRUFFLES Is like the Don Perignon of our chocolate collections. Speaking of champaign did you see our DARK CHOCOLATE  CHAMPAIGN TRUFFLE or the PINOT GRIGIO TRUFFLE, MELOT TRUFFLE or the MIMOSA.
    • So mix them up or have them in separate boxes, or get this??? Stack one on top of another with an elegant bow for that perfect presentation.
    • Everyone needs a treat once and awhile, we have SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATES for those that require low blood sugar levels. check out our SUGAR FREE CHOCOLATES in our collection list.
  • As we develop our e-commerce page sweetstreetexpress will have a huge variety to shop online with just a click, but for now, Sweetstreetexpress will show some samples of what we can offer, Please call our support experts at 516-315-6508 or send us an email at SWEETSTREETEXPRESS@GMAIL.COM we will be happy to serve you.